Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

I was broken and beaten; lost and alone. The suffering was suffocating me from within and I had no escape. I was a prisoner to my own pain and crying out with words of helplessness. I found myself on my knees to many times too count and found myself searching and pleading. I wondered if it would ever end. I wondered if I was strong enough. I wondered what God’s plan must be.

He was broken and beaten. He sat alone in His suffering as He cried out for God to take His pain away and yet He had faith. He was stripped and weakened to the core as they drained every ounce of His pride and dignity.  He walked miles upon miles caring His own death bed as the weight of the world.

I can only imagine.

 I can only imagine how He must have felt. The pain He knew He was going to endure, for me, for you; and yet He walked. He struggled as He cried out in prayer asking if God could make another way. Was this really the plan? Was this the way it had to be?

“Your will, not mine.”  

The sun was beating down on His blood drenched body.

He was beaten, mocked, stabbed and crucified.

 Many watched. Many laughed. Many cried….and too many feared. Feared that He truly was the Savior. Feared this was the end…

And yet, the most amazing thing we know about the crucifixion and the cross is that it is not the end.

Many doubted and many ran in disbelief, but three days later, Christ arose! He is ALIVE!

Christ gave us hope that day. He gave us hope to never give up and never stop believing. He too felt the overwhelming pain and suffering that this world has to offer and pleaded for God to offer another way, but ultimately knew that God’s will would be completed. Without the cross, there would be no future, no hope, and no promise of forever.  

It is because of the cross and my risen Savior, that I know I will spend Eternity with my little girl. My broken heart will be whole again.

Often times we want answers and we want healing and yet we don’t want to hurt. If Christ had not suffered for our sins, there would be no happy ever after. There would be no forever….there would be no cross. Christ took the punishment that was upon us and our reward is eternity….deserving; no. Humbled; we should be.

We should realize that in the midst of any darkness, as bad as it seems, the cross reminds us that God is faithful to finish what He started, and He will give us hope for a new day.
That you God for the cross, thank you God for a Savior, and thank you God for loving me that much!

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