Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Passing Years

There was a season of my life where I honestly felt I was either pregnant, nursing or chasing a toddler at any given moment. The nights were short and the days were long. I lived in a constant state of exhaustion and many times thought my strong willed daughter was trying to turn me gray by the time she was 3.  As crazy as life seemed at the time, I loved it. In fact, I felt as though THAT was the mom I knew how to be. I could change diapers, and play dress up or make believe for hours. Even when I felt defeated, sleep deprived and overwhelmed, I knew how to be THAT mom. I wanted them to be little forever.
            I fast forward to the life I have somehow morphed into today and I often question the mom I have become. When did I go from having it all figured out to simply running on fumes.
I have entered into a new level of exhausted and business. One I honestly didn’t know existed. I am a full time working mom whose kids are going from event to event then church, dinner, laundry, etc.  and honestly; I feel like I forget what day it is.
            This summer we literally had something going on every single week. My husband and I were talking about how busy this summer had been and all we had done. I began to think about how busy my life was now that my kiddos were older compared to when they were little. I found myself missing the moments of just being at home with them when they were little. I then began to think about what had made us so busy. Church camp, church missions, Church VBS, Youth events, and youth bible studies. God began to tug at my heart as I realized that there was no other type of busy I would want to be. My children are growing each and every day and I CAN’T get these moments back. Moments to serve God and worship Jesus Christ with my children.
            There is NEVER a day that doesn’t go by where my heart doesn’t stop and remember that as crazy is life is, it really should be just a tad bit crazier with two more feet running around.   God has given me the gift of knowing how precious and how short life really is. Tomorrow may never come, today is a gift…. USE it for Him! This is the BUSY kind of life I want right now. I want to be knee high in the middle of life with my kids. I want to look back on these moments and know that I GET to serve God with my children. I open my home to teenagers so that I can be a part of what God is doing in the life of my children. It will never be my home, but yet HIS home to use and bring people through to glorify His kingdom.
            The days are long, but oh the years are short. I no longer look over my shoulder to make sure my kiddos are following close by. I now pray that as they independently run ahead or fall behind, God is becoming their hand to hold instead of mine.

            I will never grow weary of hearing young people praising God! Knowing that at the end of the day all 3 of my children are in the mix of an amazing youth group learning that no insecurity, no failure and no fear can ever be greater than the love of God. I stand in awe that this is the life I get to have. These are the children I get to serve God with. One day I will look back and miss it all. The toddler years and YES, even the teenage years. I will miss the moments I got to be such a huge part of their life. The sleepless nights, the teenage hormones, the tears and mistakes are inevitable; I promise! I also promise that you will never look back and regret missing sleep to be involved. I am learning with every passing stage, that motherhood is never something I will get perfect or feel like I know how to do just right. I am growing with my children. Learning, crying, praying and growing. At the end of the day, my greatest treasure will be that our memories, mine and theirs, are intertwined forever!
Our Summer
My 3 Most Precious Treasures-School is Out-SUMMER VACA

1st Plane Ride!!!

Mall of America

Boat Riding


WOWBSAR-Their 1st youth event with ALL 3 of them in the Youth! :( 

Brayson's LAST Winshape

Braves Game

Fun at youth camp with my girl

Panama City Beach, Florida
(One of the BEST youth camps EVER) 

Watching my children wash each others feet and pray over one another. Humbling and Amazing! 

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Monday, May 1, 2017

It is Well With My Soul

The first year of Bethany’s anniversary was fast approaching. I had told myself a million times I was ready, I was better, I was healed. Grief has a funny way of knocking you down and blindsiding your emotions in ways you never really see coming. I had become all too good at playing the game of telling everyone I was perfectly content and at peace with God’s decision.

The fate of my emotional state held true  when I stood in church that Sunday Morning. We had begun singing the song, It is Well With my soul. As the music softly played, Bro. Andy asked the most profound question. He said:
“Can you sing the words and mean it? I mean, TRULY mean it. Can you stand here today and truly mean that It is well in your soul. If not, don’t sing. Make peace with God, right here, right now, until you can without a shadow of a doubt sing, It IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.”

My body began to tremble as my hands clung tighter to the pew. Tears streamed down my face as my mouth felt bolted shut. I felt as though I was sobbing without control as my heart cried out to Jesus.

Oh, how I wanted it to be Well with my Soul. I wanted to release the hurt and anger I was holding on too. I wanted to fall to my knees and beg my Savior to give my little girl back and to take back the last year of my life.  I wanted to wake up from the nightmare I had endured. The only problem was it was no nightmare; it was my reality. My little girl had died. She was NOT going to come back.


My hands gripped tighter to the pew and I wanted to run as far away as I could…

And then, like only my Savior can do. My tears faded away and my mouth began to sing. A peace flooded over me and I honestly knew I would be ok. I ached for my little girl in a way I never dreamed was possible and yet, thou hast taught me to say,
It is well, It is well with my soul.

Sometimes my heart begins to race as Bethany’s birthday approaches. Some years I am fine, and others, not so much. As I sat in church this past Sunday, I could feel my emotions rolling back and forth like an out of control rollercoaster. As we stood to sing the invitation, I look up to see the words, It is Well With my Soul. Tears began to roll down my face without control. I quickly found myself facedown at the alter crying out to God. I miss her. I loved her.

My heart will always long for my sweet girl. With every passing year I will wonder what she would have looked like or could have been, but I will never doubt for one second that my Savior has not carried me through the Storm. He has taught me what it means to dance in the rain and see the light through the darkness. He has taught me that no matter what may come, no matter my lot, when sorrows like sea billows roll, it is Well with my Soul! Praise God, It is Well with My Soul!

And the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, shall keep your hearts, your minds through Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:7.
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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Take up your Cross...

“May I help you?”

“No thanks, I got it!”

These words seem to haunt me tonight as they run over and over again in my mind like a broken record. Four simple words and yet the weight they carry is so much more…

May I help you seems like such a simple request. You see, I go to Publix too often to count. They ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS say, May I help you? They offer to take my grocciers to the car if I have 3 bags or 30, they still WANT to help! My problem seems to be too many to count.

Children Arguing…


I rarely say yes. I’m in a hurry or my kids are fighting. I always feel like a burden or that I can easily do it myself, so why should I let them help me?

Tonight my youngest son got upset with me when I tried to help him with his hair. “I’m not a baby mom, I CAN DO IT!” Ugh, those words stung like a bee. I could feel my children growing up way too fast and the need for mama fading even faster. As I walked away with tears in my eyes, I could feel that extra tug on my heart. It was about that time my boy came running in and jumped on the bed. “You forgot to give me our good night kisses mom.” Ahhh, there you have it. He did still want me; he was just growing up.

As I laid down in bed, I began to wonder how often God has prompted my heart, “Let me help, just take my hand, I’ve got this.” I then began to wonder how often I had pushed God away.
“No thanks, I got it!”

I often feel as though the weight of the world has fallen at my feet and yet I forget that it doesn’t have to be my burden to carry.

Simon was forced to carry the cross for Jesus. He truly carried the weight of the world on the cross.

I can only imagine how Simon must have felt when the Guards grabbed him and forced him to take the cross. What must have gone through his mind. Fear? Confusion? Anger?

Then, to look into the eyes of the Messiah. He was beaten, brutally beaten and exhausted beyond means. Was this really him? He stayed humbled, focused and ignored the crowds. 

Simon watched and followed the Messiah as the crowd mocked, yelled and ridiculed Him. I can only imagine what Simon was thinking as he swallowed his pride, took up his cross and began to follow His Savior.

I can imagine that Simon had no clue the impact of that moment in time, but he knew his life would be changed forever.  

The weight of the world had truly fallen at Simon’s feet and yet he was following the one who can truly take every burden straight to the cross. It was never his burden to carry, he was simply called to be obedient.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. Matthew 16:24

That moment at the cross might have changed Simon’s life, but it forever changed mine.
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