Monday, October 8, 2012

Book Signing

Having a book signing is something you only hear about, it’s not something you ever imagine you would or could be a part of. Well, that was until I did get to be a part of one.

It still seems crazy to me that I have written a book and I am an author. I feel way too inadequate to have anything anyone would want or need to read, and yet I know that the words in my book are not from me but God. It is because of Him I have a story and because of Him I found Joy and Hope! It is because of Him I have a future.

The book signing went well and was really neat. I have to say though, I totally felt out of place. The sweet ladies who had their book there as well seemed like naturals, and me, well; not so much!  I had knots in my stomach like I was going to say the wrong thing or something. I want my story to be uplifting and for people to see that through any darkness there is light. The only problem is that so often I feel like all people see is the sadness, the hurt and the pain. Yes, that is there, but so much hope and joy came through the hurt and sadness that I hope and pray others are willing to see.

I know that Bethany is a gift in my life. I know and believe so deeply that her story of life and death is my story of darkness and light. I pray that God can and will continue to give me the strength to use my story to help others for His glory. I want to do so much more. I want to help others so much more. I pray I can!
I still have some signed copies if you want one please just send me an email.  I will ship for a small shipping fee.
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