Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's Not about ME!

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.
3 John 1:4

Life is fleeting, or at least slipping away faster than I can catch my breath these days. My babies are not little anymore, and play dates are far from existence. I long for every moment I can have and every word spoken.

Mommy guilt is a dangerous playground and yet, I found myself with emotions of self-doubt and fear. I wonder how many lullaby’s I didn’t sing because I was too tired. How many stories or extra bedtime hugs I pushed aside. Oh how my heart longs for these precious, precious moments. I long to be that mom whose children so desperately need her for every need; I knew how to be THAT mom, I knew what THEY needed.

Life has rolled through a roller coaster of hills and valleys and somehow stopped right in the middle of TEENAGE village…..You see, it’s THAT mom, I’m totally unsure of. I crave my children’s attention. I WANT to be in their world SO deeply, but more than anything, I CRAVE to be a mother who shows them Christ in ALL I do; no pressure, right!!!

Lately, God has totally been working on my heart with the precious words, “it’s not about you.” These words have really tugged on my heart when it comes to my children. I look at them and want SO much for them. I want ALL that God can give them and more, but….I want them to KNOW Him, I mean REALLY know Him.

The reality of these word for me was that it is not about me or what I could ever want or hope for my children…..THE TRUTH….


So… hard… but SO true! My job is to guide them toward Him in everything they do. HOW?  I often wonder in the CRAZINESS of teenager lives, do you ever do that?

TIME!!!! My time is not about me, but showing my kids they matter, THEY are worth my time. What we invest are time in is what matters most! I may not have friends waiting to hang out with anymore, but I have 3 precious children that need to know MOM cares!!!!
Life is short…too short. I was blessed with my youngest angel for only 9 short months….I know the reality that tomorrow may never come; so what about today?

Life is precious, don’t let mommy guilt fuel your soul today. 

Just a FEW of the Precious Moments God gave me with each of my children this week. 

My Girl and I got our nails done and Starbucks. It was Homecoming DAY!!!

She is just GORGEOUS! AND, on a side note, we talk about modesty ALL the time, WELL, she makes me SO proud of the young lady she is becoming. When she got dressed, she slipped on a pair of dance shorts under her dress. When I asked why, she said, "I just feel more comfortable since I am going to be dancing, I don't have to worry as much." I LOVE THIS GIRL! 

Sitting in the wet, cold rain to watch my 10 year old play ball. I may look sad, but the truth is, I missed one game and he was SO bummed, I would sit in the rain 100 times to watch him play!!!

My newest teenager!!! Look, he is as tall as me, WHAT!!! He needed some clothes, so we got dinner, clothes, AND ice cream out of the deal! 

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