Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I mother holds her newborn baby and gently cuddles them to sleep. She kisses each boo-boo and wipes away the tears when they fall.

She cleans and nurses and cooks and attempts to keep it all together. She holds her children tight when they are sick or when they just need that extra hug.

Being a mother is by far the greatest and best reward I have ever been given. I often remember the nights I would sit and just rock my children when they were babies and I loved feeling as if I was their comfort.

As the year ends, I can't help but look at the past year and all my children have done and continue to do.

They grow up more and more each year and become more and more independent with every step they take. I so often imagine what life would be like with our Bethany  here and how different it would be. I then realize that  it has been 2 1/2 years and it blows my mind.

I can't imagine my life without her and yet I'm not sure what it would be like with her either. As each new year begins I realize that with Christ I never would have made it. Just as I hold my children tight, kiss them and comfort them, Christ does the same for me. He has held my hand and continues to lead me into each new year no matter what journey may come.

My worst nightmare already came true, but I will not live in fear. I face tomorrow knowing that my Lord holds me tight no matter what this new year may hold. Some days may seem impossible, but fall into the arms of Christ and see that He can turn the impossible into POSSIBLE and the dark into light!

I love the way He holds me tight. I love the way He leads me. I love the way He never lets go and I love that I never have to wonder....

I never have to wonder if He will love me forever. I never have to wonder if He will be there tomorrow. I never have to wonder if I will be alone...I am Forever HIS....I am forever and Eternally Blessed!

Happy New Year

I heard this song and it is just perfect.....
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  1. It is truly amazing how God can shine and bring hope even at the hardest of times.

    I'm so thankful to know you--blessed really. I wish you an amazing year filled with love and adventure :) Here's to 2012. ;)

  2. Happy New Year Amy! I hope 2012 brings you and your family many blessings!!

  3. Happy New year, hoping that this is a great year for your family!! <3

  4. So thankful that God holds and carries us!

  5. what beautiful words and a beautiful song.

    happy new year!


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