Friday, January 6, 2012

To Be NEW!

The crinkle the paper makes as you cling it tightly with anticipation...

The smell of a new bag...

The way the perfect pair of jeans fit fresh out of the store...

The smile on a child's face as they tear into the present they have been dying, yes dying to have for months...

There is just something about having a NEW "toy"  that makes us gleam with excitement. We often save, plea and bargain our way to even get this new gift until the excitement is simply overwhelming.

At first, our new gift is our biggest treasure. We use it and take it everywhere, often guarding it with every precaution. However, like children playing with new toys, the newness begins to wear down.

We become less cautious and often carless as our now "old" gift becomes entangled with our many other treasures. Our gift becomes trapped and lost within clutter and chaos. We lose all pride in the "newness" the gift once brought.

We allow it to become broken, trampled, and placed in no importance in our life.

Was this gift important?

What if this gift mattered?

What if this gift was your SALVATION????

As new Christians we are often eager and excited to learn and absorb all there is to know about the word and Jesus Christ. We soak in every word as if it were our only hope.

As time goes on, I think we get too comfortable. We become complacent in all we do. We feel as though we are past that early stage, we are set in church....and we think we are golden.

The truth is, we are not golden, we are complacent!

The newness has worn off and we forget why we are here in the first place. It is not about us. Yes, we should always be striving to learn more and grow more as Christians, but at some point it is about what we can do for Christ; not ourselves.

We allow our Salvation to be broken, trampled and lost in our lives because we let "life" get in the way. We get hurt and trampled by this world and way too often forget that God is more powerful than any storm that may come our way.

Life happens, but God happened FIRST!  Don't let the newness of your Salvation fade away. It is the one gift the has no shelve life and never needs to be lost in the chaos of life.

Remember, we are here to show others that what you say and do does matter because it glorifies the Lord.

Glorify the Lord in all you say and do today because you are blessed with the gift of Salvation; don't waist it!

Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
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  1. WOW! This really hit me. You made the perfect comparison. I wasn't expecting that twist--the way you wrote it made it so powerful!

  2. I love this post. It is so true... and sad to say that we do get complacent. I have to be very cognizant not to let myself get this way. It is a daily struggle.

  3. Very powerful, thanks for sharing. Love the way you write :)


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