Monday, February 6, 2012

The Bully!

She turned and smiled as she looked in the mirror for one last check of perfection. She grabbed her bags and posed for mom to take a picture. The butterflies in her stomach were out of control, but the excitement was also a little too much to take!

It was the first day of middle school and it felt like she had waited for this day forever. There was just something about being in middle school that instantly made her feel older; more mature!

The hallways were crowed and the kids were all laughing and giggling with chatter. She instantly fit right in and made friends. Her bubbly personality was a huge hit.

Weeks and even months went by and she begin to see that first impressions only last so long. Friends began to turn on her and call her names; ugly names. She then quickly found herself in a deep woven web of drama, and somehow everyone was blaming her.

Her deep insecurities began to haunt her day after day. She only wanted to be liked and accepted. She wanted to run and hide, but she couldn't. Day after day she was verbally attacked or abused with cruel words.

Why do they hate me, she often wondered? Why won't they just leave me along? Why are some kids just so mean?

It wasn't long before administration was called and several girls were called to the office.

And yet has anything REALLY been done?!?! NO. 

Why is this such an issue in our schools today? In our society today?
Did she make the wrong friends? Did she try too hard?
She just wanted to feel loved, in fact; maybe they ALL just wanted to feel loved.
I think too often it is the bully who is really crying out for love and attention; acceptance!

Bulling is a poison seeping into our schools and crippling our children day by day. Children are terrorizing and belittling others simply to make themselves appear cool.

When does it stop? How does it stop?

It starts at home. We as parents have to step in and realize that our children our absorbing everything we say and do. They hear the way we speak and treat all those around us and are quick to mimic our actions; good AND bad.

God says we are to be slow to speak and slow to anger and yet we seem to be the opposite as a society.

Bulling comes in all shapes and sizes, and as quickly as an ugly comment about someone can spread, kindness can do the same.

I think it is time we learn to bite our tongue and speak with more kindness. Talk to our children about the affects of bulling and how to stand up for the right way.

We can truly be a nation to show love instead of hate, and it all starts with the words we speak.

Help our children make a difference. Put a stop to the bullies in our schools!
"Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry." James 1:19
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  1. I hate bullies and scared for the moment when my kids could potentially be bullied. Love reading this and completely agree...STOP BULLYING!

  2. This is so sad, yet true:

    "Bulling is a poison seeping into our schools and crippling our children day by day. Children are terrorizing and belittling others simply to make themselves appear cool."

    We've dealt with this too, and I have such a hard time with it. It's so difficult knowing how to handle this when the schools hardly even take action :(


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