Monday, March 12, 2012

Mold Me

Have you ever tried to mold modeling clay? It can be really tough and hard to manipulate at first. It takes time and patience to allow the clay to soften up and mold the way you would like.

I have watched five year olds cry and throw the clay and often claim that it didn't work. They get frustrated and irritated when the clay is unmanageable.

I have tried to explain to them that it takes time and patience to work with the clay before it can be turned into a beautiful piece of art.

Have you ever tried to mold a person? What I mean is, have you have tried to mold someone and make them into what you want them to be? We complain, nag and often walk away feeling like all is lost when we can't get people to behave in a certain way.

Think of our children. Do we mold them? Change them? Do we pick out every little fault and flaw and attempt to dissect it from their very soul.

I think in the attempt to try and better our children, our spouse or friends, we often pick away at every little spec until we feel they are perfect.

I know most parents pick their battles, but sometimes I wonder if I am the one starting the battle? Unintentionally, I think too many parents hold on too tightly to their children; myself including. They begin to get older and crave independence and yet we still crave that control to parent them.

I began to wonder if we are really molding them in the first place? God has given us a family to love and cherish, not critique and change. Encourage and build up, not belittle and tear down. Ultimately, God is the one molding all of us. It is by his guidance and direction that we are who we are. He will guide us to guide our children. All direction comes through Him.

I think back to that modeling clay, and how it takes time and patience before it can become anything worth looking at. It amazes me when I imagine the amount of patience God most have with us. I picture us as being that stiff clay that can't be managed, and yet He is so patient.

He never throws us from his hand or stops molding. He leads, guides, directs, and listens. He looks past our insecurities and our faults and He teaches us to be more like him.

I can't help but wonder if we often put too much focus and what some people do wrong and not enough focus on what they do right!

Instead of molding those we love, what if we just let go and modeled a Christ like attitude. Serve as Christ did, and love as Christ did.

Christ is the potter; let Him take care of the rest!

He is the potter, I am the clay....Mold me and make me, this is what I pray!
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  1. This really hit home! Thanks for the gentle reminder!

  2. Your posts are always so timely for me. I really think that lately I might be starting the battles. Since Ruby (the Scribe) turned ten, things seem to be getting harder. I can't even imagine what the teen years will be like.

  3. Wow! This really struck a cord in me today. I really needed to hear this..well said, Amy!

  4. This was a great post. Something I really needed to hear this week. Thank you.

  5. That was so well said I find myself often picking away at people I love. I am so happy to have found your blog, I saw your comment on Holly's blog. I gave birth to our stillborn son 1-24-12. He was my sixth child. This has been the trail of my life but I am holding on to Jesus and so encouraged to read other mommies story's that made it through. Thank you for sharing!


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