Sunday, June 12, 2016

Moments to LAST...

The truth is….life is messy, unpredictable and yet amazing all in the same breath.

There are moments that take your breath away, moments you would rather forget, moments you want to last forever, and moments you pray are etched in the very soul of who you are forever.

The question is; what are you doing with those precious moments? They come too quickly and fade faster than we can often blink.

The problem for me is that those moments I would rather forget are also the moments etched in my heart and soul and often cripple me in time and I am left feeling like a prisoner trapped in time. I allow myself to wallow in the “why me?” and question my life and why so many things have happened or gone wrong.  I find myself spiraling backwards in time and forgetting that this life is not about me or my plans and nothing good will EVER come from the why me scenarios I ask myself in my dark moments.

Honestly, the dark crippling moments are what brought me to Jesus. I mean I knew Him, but I never realized HOW MUCH I needed Him. I know that sounds so clichĂ©, but it’s true. I think it is easy to go through everyday life and day to day and “feel” like we know Jesus, but man was I wrong.  He showed me what it meant to trust Him.

He picked me up and made my darkest moments, moments I NEVER want to forget. He made me see that my circumstances in life do not define me, my salvation in Jesus Christ defines me.

Life is messy….NO DOUBT! But I have a choice every day; some days it is easier than others, however, I can choose to let each moment I am given be a memory worth remembering. Marriage, parenthood, friendship and jobs ALL come with joy, grief and unpredictable moments, and yet with every breath we take, we choose to make a moment or let it pass us by!

“When circumstances enslave us, our faith is all we need to be truly free.” Whitney Capps

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