Monday, June 13, 2016

Real Life

Real Life

I often find myself living in a fairy tale world. A world where life is perfect. My family will do things together and everyone will laugh and smile and have a wonderful day full of memories…

I mean, that IS what you see on Facebook and social media, RIGHT???

The idea of perfection often drags me down. The reality of this so called perfection is SO far from reality it really is scary!

I envision this perfect day in my mind and then steps in reality; yes, a 16, 13 and 10 year old version of REAL LIFE! They each have so wonderfully grown into independent creatures that the thought of each other looking at another, or even touching one another, often takes on a whole new dimension.

(They may or not have been the CRAZY children pushing/racing each other down the aisle at Publix at 10:00 at night. I did my motherly duty of quietly asking them to stop, but not REALLY enforcing it. Secretly, because I LOVED that they were laughing together and creating memories and moments THEY would always remember!)

I am learning through the chaos of these years, that the fairy tale world is what we make of it. As much as I would like to say my children adore one another and never fight, well, I try not to lie! The truth is, I live in reality. They have a love/hate relationship. Every moment is a moment to grow and learn to love each other more. Each opportunity and family outing is another fairy tale fail and a memory made.

The truth is, reality is REAL, it is raw and amazing. I look back on my childhood and I remember the moments and memories we made, not the “perfection”.  My hope is that my children will remember we were together. They will remember the moments, and a little of the crazy too! 

Memories Made to Last

I was SO beyond excited to spend a week alone with this sweet boy! We had breakfast and dinner dates. We went to a late night movie. We went to the lake. We had picnic lunches and SO MUCH MORE! 

The joys and advantage of having older children, are the impromptu shopping "dates" we get to go on. 
Fun times spent together just the two of us. I way too often take these precious moments for granted. I am loved, I am BLESSED to have this man in my life! 

A family day spent together. Perfection, well, it depends on who you ask! To me, YES! We spent the whole day together and lived to make memories! :) 
I sure do love this crew of mine!!!

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