Thursday, December 8, 2011

Too Busy!

The waiting room was cold and crowded, as if this were the place to be. We rushed in to quickly sign in, considering I was 15 minutes late; why am I always late? We found a seat in the back of the room squeezing our way past others. I sat down and instantly wondered how long this was going to take.

I looked around at the others holding their jackets and bags, as if they were in as big of a hurry to leave as I was, only no one was going anywhere......we all sat....and we all waited! I thought back to the moment where I was practically running out of the school dragging one child, pushing another to move faster, and balancing two bags under my arms as we ran across the parking lot in the FREEZING cold, to jump into our car and speed across town.....only to wait!

As the waiting began to take control of my six year olds unbelievably impatient body, he began spinning very fast circles on his belly in the doctors round chair. I tried to look past the fact that we were at the doctor to check up on the child who already broke his arm and it appeared as though my six year old was trying to break one as well....I almost couldn't blame the child. As we approached the two hour mark my mind was racing as fast as that chair.

I remember how fast I had left the house this morning, and what a MESS everything was. I had thought that I could get it all clean when I got home, start some laundry....and even catch up; so much for that.

It's a good thing we love the doctor we see because he came in and Gabe is all set! He even took his cast off. Now, he is in a brace for two weeks.....finally.

We left the doctor's office and ran to the car; really, was it going somewhere? I guess I was just so tired I really wanted to get home. I was determined to get home fast so I could still cook dinner. Well.....It just so happened that there was a wreck on the way home.

I could feel my nerves as my whole body became tense and discouraged? I attempted to take a short cut which only ended up taking me longer to get home; just my luck!

I caved. I ran into the store and picked up dinner. I really just wanted to go home.

We finally get home, ate dinner, and now what? My day was so  busy and not stop all day, as I seemed to be just going through the day to day motions of life.

We clear the table and I realize the dishwasher never got started....(That would have been my job this morning)...I look at the surrounding dishes and just walk away.

To my sweet surprise, my husband stepped in and hand-washed ALL the dishes that were left out. He has no clue how much this really meant to me.

I was sitting on my sons bed and listening to him read to me when it hit me. Is this what living for Christ is really about??? How often do we go through the daily grind of life and stay so busy that we forget to invite Christ in? How often do we get so wrapped in the next event when sometimes we can't even start the first one.

Do we overload our life to the point where Christ is the one in the waiting room?

Life can get busy, it's inevitable, but we don't have to let it get the best of us. On busy days, you don't have to be the superhero....It is ok to get help or ask for help, especially from your heavenly Father.

As I kissed my children, I realized that no matter how busy a day gets, I could never be too busy to stop and kiss them.

No matter how busy my life gets....I could never do it alone....

Never get so busy that God can't intervene!

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  1. A very good point Amy, ESPECIALLY at this time of year! I know the past week in my life has been like that day - last week of school (our school year goes Jan-Dec) so all the crazy things there, teachers gifts etc... and there's still a mental to-do list a mile long. I'm trying to take a bit of a break today - stop and do some craft with the kids. Phew. Crazy still though.

    Be Still, and know that I am God...... right? Right.

  2. Valid points here. Stop and smell the roses even if its only for a few moments. Reading a bible verse or two everyday wither it be before bed or the first thing along side your morning cup of joe...a way to learn about our creator and his son is always important for us. Keeping us in line and giving us good thoughts for sleep/day.
    Thank you for sharing your day- hope tomorrow will be a day to "smell the roses". hugs-


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