Friday, December 2, 2011


I've got the magic, magic, magic......
Magic fills the winter air. The smell of cinnamon and cookies circulate throughout the house leaving your mouth watering for more. The lights glimmer and shine beaconing anyone who walks by too smile with delight.
This time of year simply has magic waiting at the doorstop.  I'm not talking about a make believe or fairy tale magic, but yet a magical feeling deep within. The magic of life is a feeling like no other.
It's the joy we see as our children explore and discover life. The pure essence and innocence of grasping the concept of a new invention or idea.
That tingle in your heart when you fall in love for the very first time.
That moment as a song begins to play and your heart connects so deeply that you feel the tears begin to flow.
Words, pictures, places and smells will spark not only the most dearest memories, but the reality of the magic that lives within each one of us.
When you are willing to let go and live, you open your heart to a world of possibility. A world full of laughter, love and a magical feeling within.
The magic of life is that for which we must hope for. Here on Earth we get a taste of this magically feeling , an through Christ we get so much more; we get the promise of Eternity.
We can't escape the darkness or deep valleys that we so often seem to become tangled within and seem to crush our magic into a pile of fairy dust.
It seems to me, that the magical feeling of life so often comes through the valleys we face.  The sleepless nights or bad days are so often comforted by a sweet voice, a warm embrace and an irreplaceable memory forever stretched in your heart and mind.
That moment where Christ puts you exactly where you need to be and gives you exactly what you need.
The magic of life is a feeling of living and loving. It's a breath of fresh air on a sun kissed morning.
It's the magic that shines on my children's faces as they race out on Christmas morning with laughter and delight, and more than just presents they remember the most important gift of all.
They shine  with a light brighter then all because we were sent a Savior to love us, guide us, and give us these most amazing and precious moments in our life!
Never let one day go by without letting yourself live and feel a little magic....never let one day go by without living and feeling Christ in your life!
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  1. Christmas has always been so magical to me. It just seems...... better this time of year. And I think it is knowing how close Christ is and being remembered while we celebrate him. I also think people are striving to help others more and be more Christlike and it is so magical and so special.

    I love this time of year <3

  2. This is such a beautiful post that it gave me chills. I'm so excited about this magical time of year too :0)

  3. Life is full of possibilities! Well said Amy,
    Thank you for reminding me to really look and taste and see that it is good.

  4. I love this time of year. It is magical. You write so beautifully.


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