Friday, June 1, 2012

A team overcoming Adversity

Have you ever had to overcome adversity?

 Do people seem to make life frustrating?

Sometimes people can make your life hard. They are immature, they lie and often beat you down to nothing. This is when you must step up to the plate. Show your maturity and strength in the person you were created to be. A mature person of love and character. We can't fight every battle, but we can show love through every situation.

This baseball season has been anything but the "perfect" season. The boys have played amazing, but as all kids sports seem to go, SO much more came along with it.

Rules seemed to change from day to day, and never in our favor. If we were winning, then other teams seemed angry and out to get us. We were "told" on for the craziest things...really, I even got thrown out of the dugout! REALLY! I know! This game is suppose to be all about the boys and yet so many adults made it all about the win and who is better. If they noticed us doing one minor thing wrong, then we were reported, and often reported wrongly.

Technically, only three coaches can be on the field. I was the team mom who was "calmly" keeping the boys in order, but made four adults on the field, so someone had a board member kick me out.

When did it stop being about ball and start being all about who is following which tiny rule someone overlooked.

In the midst of all of the adversity our team went through this season, including a coach stepping down because he said it was more important for his son to play baseball then to watch the adults act the way they were, the boys taught me a HUGE lesson.

In one of our games, a rule was being discussed by coaches and board members on the field. This had caused the game to momentarily stop. As the adults were frustrated over what the ruling should be, I look over at the boys to see if they even cared, and this is what I saw:

These boys gathered together and started throwing the ball around. They showed me what it meant to be a "team" That it didn't matter what the officials decided, they were there to play ball, win or lose, it wasn't going to bring them down!

I was SO proud of our boys in that moment. Even more so, when the call on the field was against us, and they still got up and played their hearts out with a smile on their faces.

We made it to the championship game and we didn't win, but came in 2nd for the whole season. In my eyes, they are winners because they proved that it is not about the score board or winning the game, but about being a team and loving it with all your heart.

It's not if you win that matters, it's how you play the game that is remembered!

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  1. Aww...Amy! As I type this with tears in my eyes, you are so right! It is all about the boys. I sat up in the booth looking down at those boys taking a knee and throwing the ball around all the while they were laughing and just being kids. That moment was so touching. You are right, some things didn't seem to go our way this year, but the boys fought through it and just wanted to play ball. I am so proud of our 2012 Minor League Braves! And Amy, thank you for all you did for our team. You're the greatest!

  2. Beautifully said Amy! We are going to miss our Braves family! Wish we could just keep our little team all together for next season, because I just love to watch these boys play! :)


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