Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Most holidays always seem too filled with a certain level of hustle and bustle and well let’s face it; stress! We search for the perfect recipe and holiday décor to light up the room as our guest arrive. We cook and plan and research until it seems we can do no more. And then…does the food matter? Does the décor matter? Yes, it is pretty and yes, good food is always a treat, but why all the stress?

I learned something while preparing our meal and gathering this year; it’s the people that matter. I love putting it all together, but if I let the perfection of it all get too me then I have lost what I should really be thankful for.

It does not matter if the turkey is perfect or the table is set just right. What matters is that my kids made cookies and we laughed when the bag exploded all over the floor and the macaroni and cheese went flying all over the place. The smiles on my kids faces when my mom and step dad showed up early this morning and surprised us. (Earlier then we thought). It matters that we are together and we are making memories.

Family can be gone way too soon and way before we are ready. Don’t let the stress of holidays take away from the memories you could be making…
Life is short...too short...MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY MOMENT GOD GIVES YOU!!!

Be thankful today! Be blessed by all God has given you. Be blessed by all God has done! He is good!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Making cookies...What didn't burst onto the floor that

My pasta maker!!! His favorite. He was SO proud!

My sweet cook! Chocolate overload!!!

The food that God has blessed us to enjoy together....YUMMY!

A little football.
A perfect day.....
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  1. Hey Amy,

    Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving! Thanks for your comment on my blog post. :-)



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