Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun in the SUN!

    Growing up is something we all do, and yet I am having a REALLY hard time watching my youngest get older and older with each passing day. I feel like I am trying to hold to each precious moment and treasure him being small, because I am learning that right before my eyes my sweet little man is fading away into such a big boy. Brayson is in public pre-K at the school and he loves it. He gets to ride the school bus with his brother every day and he really loves it when I let him buy lunch. He has grown up so much this year and it has been so bitter sweet to watch. Today he got to experience FIELD DAY for the very first time. I have never seen a kid so excited about something before. He brought his shirt home on Monday, and it has been sitting out on the end of his bed all week. The child that I have to drag out of bed was fast to get dressed and fast to help gather his things for the day; He was pumped!

   I am very blessed to watch two babies, not twins, that have amazing parents. They were more than willing to let me take the girls to field day with me so that I could see Brayson and be part of his big day. I am blessed that they allow me to not only be a part of their child's life, but trust me and allow me to take the babies where I need to so that I can still be a mom!

I had my big helper by my side, AKA, my 11 year old daughter...and we were off to Field Day. I think the best part of the day  is when I run over to get the first picture of Brayson and he realizes that I am there; that smile made the whole day PERFECT!

Cowboy Run.

What good team work!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Look how GOOD we are!

Our lunch at the park.
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  1. That brought back memories. I remember field day when I was in school. Such fun. makes ya wanna be a kid again huh?
    You look as though that really was fun for ya. Im happy that you got to experience joy and fun on this day with your son.

  2. Looks like they were all having so much fun... happy easter to you all xoxo


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