Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stressed Out!

"So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9
To say that life has been Crazy busy lately, and well; just plain CRAZY, would be an understatement. Somewhere over the last few weeks I felt my life slowly spinning out of control and I just can’t seem to catch up.

                Baseball season has kicked off in full swing, and with two boys playing, WOW are we busy. THIS is a good busy. I LOVE going to their games and seeing the excitement on their face as they run from base to base or make a great play. It truly is a BLAST. Although this is a good busy, it still keeps us running around from games and practices almost every night.

                I have just recently finished my Bachelor's degree after going to school for 10 years! WOW, I can’t believe I did it, I FINISHED. I can’t say it was easy. It was really hard to finish my degree and raise a family; something had to give, and it did. I feel like I have not been able to give 100% to my family in so long.  I have my degree, but now I have to take the state certification test, and I AM TERIFIED!!!!!!   I have once again begun studying and reviewing like crazy. I forgot how bad I am at math! As I have begun to study again, I am learning that I can’t do everything and do a good job. I have been feeling like such a failure as a mom lately because I keep forgetting something going on with one of my kids or something I was supposed to send to school. I just can’t get it right these days.

 My brain is so nervous about this test and every spare moment I have is spent studying, that I can’t give 100% to my family right now and it is killing me. On top of all of this added stress, I also have some medical issues going on. If you know me and have noticed that I have lost a lot of weight over the last few months, your right. The crazy thing is; I was not trying to be crazy thin, and yet that is what has happened. In fact, I was not even trying to lose weight; that is when I realized that something was wrong. The good news is that the doctor does not think it is anything serious and we are working to see what is going on. So, prayers are appreciated, but no worries, I’m fine!

                I have been so overwhelmed with stress this week I have practically made myself sick. As I sat down tonight to once again study, I began to think about our sermon from church on Sunday. Our pastor was talking about prayer. He said that when we pray we should expect God to work, and expect something to happen. It really made me start to think. Here I am worried, stressed, practically sick with all of the stress I have put on myself, and all I am doing is telling God that I can’t do all this. I am forgetting that HE is in control, and that He can harvest ALL my fears and stress if I am willing to let go.

                I have to step back, PRAY, and expect that God is going to get me through this time in my life. We all have periods of time when we struggle and feel like the stress of everything around us is WAY too much to handle, that is when God is knocking and waiting for us to hand it all over. IT IS TIME I LET GO! I have to give this stress to God and know that He will guide me and get me through.  

                I look back to my life and the storms and hurdles that God has brought me through and it reminds me that God is faithful and will also bring me through this stressful time in my life.

LET GO and LET GOD!!!!!  I’m sure trying….

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  1. I am sorry things have been so stressful. Great job on finishing school. Like you said, let it go. throw your burden's on God and he will sustain you.

  2. Hi Amy..visiting from Women Living Well link up. Firstly, congratulations on graduating! Secondly, I'm so with you on being stressed! I've had at least two meltdowns in the last 7 days! Its really easy to give advice to others, but when it comes to living it for yourself.. another story entirely! Great advice though and very timely for me!

    I will add your name to my prayer list and I pray and hope that nothing is seriously wrong with you and that God will give you the strength and grace to accept and cope with whatever you have to.

    Love & Blessings

  3. CONGRATS on the MASTERS!!!!! ANd GOOD LUCK on the test!!! Give it to God hun and you can get though it!!! Ill be thinking and praying for you as well!!!
    One the health issue, i am sorry. Maybe check out your thyroid? My Hubby had Graves disease, (over active thyroid) and we were able to get it under control with herbs. The Dr wanted to remove his thyroid, but we went the herbal route and he is good now. I will also keep you in my prayers for that. I hope it is nothing serious and gets taken care of and under control quickly. God Bless you Amy,

  4. Congratulations on your Masters... that's a fantastic achievement :)) Sorry that you're so stressed and busy that you feel your don't have enough time for your health and family. You sound like an amazing mum... but maybe you also need sometime to pamper yourself too - you certainly deserve it :)) xoxo

  5. that can be so hard to do...i have to constantly remind myself to let go.

    congrats :)

  6. Thanks everyone...I am waiting on blood results now. They are checking my thyroid as well as a lot of other stuff. They have me off all milk right now in case lactose is related, but I'm not so sure it is. Thank you for the prayers. They mean so much!!!

  7. And BY THE WAY....SEE HOW STRESSED I AM .....I did not get my MASTERS...I got my Bachelors...I fixed it in my post, but wow, I need some sleep!


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