Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall in LOVE

We were young, only twenty, and deep down probably had no real clue what we were diving into; other than pure love. Nothing could stop us. No obstacle big or small seemed to matter because we were together. We were so young, we had no future dreams other than the thought that love really could hold us together forever...

The butterflies and perfect bliss did not last forever, and it was way harder at times then we ever could have imagined, and yet we never let go and we never gave up. We made a promise before God to guide each other through every valley we would ever face. When I am lost and feel like nothing is left, he is still by my side holding on tight.

We didn't start out perfect; we simply started out in love!

We have gone through more than most go through in a lifetime. We have laughed, cried, hurt, and healed. We have been broke and broken too many times too count;  and on our knees enough times to save our life, our family, and our marriage!

There have been days and moments were it felt as though we were holding on by a thread, but when we stopped and realized that that thread was connected to our Saviors never ending garment of peace, hope, and love; we knew we would never unravel!

What if love is enough?

The love we feel when we fall in love; the love we never what to lose or let go of. The love that is there in good and bad times.

What if we simply just fell in love with Christ? What if we just couldn't let go and could never get enough?

What if we simply dove into the arms of Jesus?

What if we lived life like every breath would be our last? We loved with all of our heart? We stopped being angry all the time. Stopped all the fighting, and simply start loving...

Love is the thread that binds us our husband...our children....our SAVIOR!

What if we remembered the butterflies and pure bliss that brought us together and brought us to our knees?
When we have nothing left and we fall to our knees, He is still there, holding on tight!

What if we simply fell head over heels in love again???

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  1. Beauitful post and so well written. I honestly believe that we have made it this far through the death of our child because we lean on our Savior. Love this post!


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