Monday, August 29, 2011

Simple Things

His adrenaline was racing, his face was red, and his hands were gripped tight around the handle bars. His little heart was pounding and sweat was pouring from his face. Determination was there and yet fear was taking over.  

I watched as the frustration sat in and tears began to swell up in his eyes. "I can't do it!"

Not only did my heart sink as I heard these words, but I was slightly perplexed.

You see, my sweet little boy had already learned to ride his bike and yet he would never ride it. I could never understand why he didn't like riding his bike. I knew he was missing out on so much fun. So, I decided that it was about time I "made" him practice a little more.

He complained the whole time we got his gear on and got him on the bike ready to go. As I sat and watched him starring at the big black pavement in front of him, it hit me; fear!

He was terrified of getting hurt, and at such a young age he was letting fear stop him from achieving a goal.  I knew we had to push forward.

We stood in the road,  for what seemed like forever, as he balanced the bike back and forth between his feet. He finally got the foot pedal just where he wanted it and he was off. I anticipated running slowly beside him, but he was a pro!

He made it to the end of the cul-da-sac where he made the turn and then stopped. My anxious heart got worried for a minute that my husband or  I were going to have to go running down the road, but after solid concentration he had started back up.

I can't tell you how proud I was to see him ridding towards me with the biggest smile on his face. He wanted to ride all day long.

Right after church on Sunday he was in the garage getting his bike ready. He was so excited to ride every second he could. I just sat and watched him. It was amazing to watch my 6 year old overcome his fear with some encouragement.

I had so many things I had wanted to get done Sunday afternoon, but as I sat watching him ride up and down the street, I realized that it is the little moments in life that make life worth living!
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  1. So proud of him. God is so good to us to teach us so much with our children. God is teaching you about His love.

  2. You're right is the simple things that make this life wonderful!


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