Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love a Child, Save the World

This last Christmas, our Pastor talked a lot about World Vision. He had a strong passion for this organization and high hopes that one by one we could change the world. Every week he would show pictures of children from around the world who needed food, water and love. One particular Sunday while he was talking about these children and how little they really had, I could feel God pulling on my heart. Brad and I sat holding hands and listening to our pastor speak, and yet I know that God was speaking to us.
            We live in a world and a society where we are given everything we could ever want. Our children don’t understand the true meaning of hunger or going without. Brad and I came home that day with these thoughts running through our heads. We quickly went to the World Vision website and adopted a little girl named Ana from Honduras. This little girl is three years old, and will probably never know half the luxuries in life many children have, but now because we are willing to pay $35 a month, she will have the necessities that matter.
            For many people the decision to sponsor a child is a good dead, but for us it went much further. All we could think about was our sweet little angel Bethany. We were supposed to have four children and yet we only have three here on Earth. If she were here I can only imagine how much more money we would spend on a monthly basis without even thinking. We cannot financial support our daughter because she is in Heaven, but here is a little girl that needs our love and support just as much. I felt as though God had sent Ana to us as a reminder that we are here to serve him, and all children are HIS children.
            God says that we are to have a childlike faith. I believe that these children simply want love, not money. I think of all the angels that have gone from this world way too soon and I imagine that Heaven is rejoicing in their presence. I then think of all the sweet children around the world who have no one to feed them and no one to love them. There are so many of us suffering and yet there are so many of them crying out for help. It simply takes a little sacrifice on our part to reach out and help provide for a child in need. I might not have gotten to keep the child I delivered, but I believe God sent another child who needed me just as much.  Love a Child, Save the World…

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  1. this is beautiful! i know this little girl is very blessed by you.

  2. I never really thought about it that way, but we also sponsor a child, but it is through Children International. Our little guy, Jostin, is from Honduras too. I don't know how old he is now, but we have been sponsoring him for a while. My heart has always been with those children who struggle to eat every day..


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