Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our New Family Member

Here is the Newest member to our family, Jax!

Our other dog, Lady checking out the new member...

Mommy, Brayson, Jax, and Kayla

Brayson, Gabe and Jax
My husband has wanted another dog since the day we got Lady three years ago. I can't believe I gave in, but I did and now we have a precious little baby boy, Jax. The kids LOVE him!
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  1. Jax is soo cute! Getting a dog has ready helped me with my grief...hopefully it will help you. Puppies especially can bring out laughs and smiles and keep you busy from dawn to dusk. They are a great distraction. So happy to see your new member in the family- hopefully Lady will be too.

  2. OMG!! Jax is adorable!! My kitties have saved my life during this grief journey

  3. We got a puppy too after Aubree's death..he has been wonderful for us, and he really helped me through this first year! Enjoy your new little guy..:)


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