Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oreo Covered Strawberries

Tasty Tuesday Treat
          I had planned to make these for my family as a Valentines treat, but my hubby kicked me out of the kitchen so that he could plan dinner for my birthday. J So, instead my family got these after dinner tonight.  These are one of our favorite treats; we LOVE them! I started making them a few years ago, and I can’t go anywhere without someone asking me to bring them.
Oreo Covered Strawberries
One package strawberries
Small white chocolate morsels
Mini Oreo cookies

·         Grind about 20 mini Oreos in a chopper or blender. (Anything you have that will grind them up to be very tiny crumbs. You can do this by hand if needed.) Wash and dry your strawberries.  Melt your white chocolate over a double burner on your stove top, or in your microwave. Dip your strawberries in your white chocolate, and then roll into your Oreo crumbs. Lay onto a plate to dry. I keep these in the refrigerator to stay fresh until I am serving them.

These are AMAZING!!!!
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  1. YUM!!!!!! I gotta try this! Thank you.

  2. She's beautiful. I have an angel above as well.

    I'm following. Your strength is amazing.

    Here's a link to my story if you want to read it:

  3. No ways! this looks delicious! i have got to try this. thank you! (:


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