Wednesday, May 18, 2011


IT was the weekend before Bethany's birthday, and we were really feeling like we needed some serious family time. So, we packed up to the car and right after Gabe's baseball game we headed to our favorite lake for a campout. NOW, the kids have been so excited about this campout. The whole week they had been looking forward to it. I had been getting things ready all week so that we would have everything we needed to have the perfect campout.

Ok, I think we both know that "PERFECT" doesn't really exist anywhere on this Earth, but I tired.....and failed! Gabe's game ended late and we got a late start. I forgot way to many things to even start counting...and let’s just say that the first night was not picture perfect.

We finally did get the tent put up, dinner made, and my husband managed to make an awesome fire pit out of wood they went and gathered....yes, I was amazed! As I was falling asleep that night, listening to the sounds of nature, I realized that perfect doesn't have to exist. Who cares if we didn't get there when we planned? Who cares if I forgot some things? I was falling asleep under the stars with a family I could not be more blessed to have. This camping trip is what we make of it. The next day truly was amazing. We played card games with the kids, water gun fights, ultimate Frisbee games, built sand castles, and enjoyed our family.

In my eyes, all the joy I saw in my kids was worth all the mishaps that so often come with life!

My babies...

My sweet boy.

Water Gun War!

Frisbee Battle....
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  1. Very Cool! Great job Mom! Glad you had such a special time together as a family. =)

  2. Sounds like the "perfect" time! :)

  3. Looks like you all had a great time :) xoxo


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