Friday, May 27, 2011


Change is often inevitable, and yet we all fear it like the plague! I think the worst is when we know change is coming, we try to prepare ourselves, and yet we are still left feeling lost.
                In December, God brought the most precious little girl into my life. She was 9 months old and her parents were in desperate need of new childcare for her. I already kept another little girl that is the same age, so I though it would work out perfectly. It did not take long for Kathryn to mesh right in and adjust to her new schedule at my house. I guess the part that surprised me was the rather fast friendship I formed with her mother.
                Not only did I make a friend I will treasure forever, but I made a friend I truly admire. She is a Godly woman who took on motherhood and work so gracefully. She was able to balance her role as a mother, wife, and teacher with a grace I so deeply admire. She was quick to help me in a jam and was always willing to work with my schedule.
                I know that God never makes mistakes, and will bring the right people into our lives at exactly the right time, but it is so hard to say good-bye. I knew from the beginning that Suzanne was moving at the end of May, but I never expected to make a friend I looked up to and respected so deeply.
                I strongly dislike many types of change in my life, and yet in other ways I welcome change. Saying good-bye to a dear friend has really made me stop and look at my life. So many people value themselves on being well liked and having a large number of friends. I can count on one hand the number of close friends I have had my entire life, and to me, that is worth more than any gold in the world. I would rather value the few close friends I am blessed to have, then brag that I have tons of friends.
                The few close friends I do have mean the world to me, and I am not sure I tell them that enough. No amount of change or miles across the world should keep true friends from communicating, and being a part of one another’s life.
                Change is hard. Change is a part of all of lives at some point or another. We can either embrace it or know that God has new and great things in store, or we can be angry and bitter. What do you choose today?

My Sweet little Kathryn...

Our pedicures! :)
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  1. You're so right.... change can be soooo hard. Thank you for continuing to follow me and your gorgeous words of encouragement. Love to you always xoxo

  2. It is definitely a choice every day to embrace or be angry with the change in our lives. I try really hard to embrace what God has planned for me and what he still has planned for Aiden's little life to be a blessing to others.

    So sorry your friend is moving- that's always rough. Hope you are doing ok and that you get to see her again soon for a visit!

  3. i came across your blog on circle of moms....i was blown away as i read your story, saw the pictures of you and your husband w/your sweet baby girl, and read how your faith in God is firm. you amaze me. truely, you do. God is faithful and we often don't understand why certain things have to happen in our lives; but He knows, and sometimes that has to be enough. thank you for sharing your story here on your blog.....

  4. Aww that is amazing! I hope you stay in touch even though she does not live close to you anymore. Great friend's are really hard to find (:

  5. Change can be hard. I'm sorry your friend is moving.


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