Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm So In LOVE!

I think I have dreamed of being a mother my entire life. As a little girl, I would play house with my baby dolls for hours upon hours. As a teenager, I loved to be around anyone who had just had a baby; I simply loved them! As soon as I was old enough to baby sit, I babysat anyone and every child in my church. My youth pastor lived down the street and it is amazing they didn’t get sick of me. Even when I wasn’t watching their precious daughter, I practically lived at their house just so I could play with her; I adored children!
                I feel like I have been a mother for most of my life. My daughter made me grow up, allowed me to grow up, and has taught me how to be a mother. Although nineteen is not the age I would recommend anyone starting motherhood, it definitely matured me much faster than most people my age. While most of my friends were still in school, I was learning to breastfeed, change diapers, and quiet a fussy baby.
                I look back now at my first years of motherhood and I can’t believe how far I have come. I can see all of the mistakes I have made and the things I wish I had done different, but I wonder if it really matters.
                Being a mother is the hardest and yet most rewarding job I have ever had. I want them to have more than I have ever had. I want to shield them from all hurt and pain, and yet I have already watched the tears stream from their face as I told them their sister had gone to Heaven.
                I can’t protect them from the pain of this World, but I can teach them that we are a FAMILY, and family loves each other no matter what we go through in life.
                The Greatest Gift GOD has ever given me has been the gift of MOTHERHOOD, I don’t deserve His blessings, but I am honored He loves me and choose me to be the mother of Four AMAZING children. I love you FOREVER:
Kayla Elisabeth, Gabriel Jason, Brayson Michael, and Bethany Hope

My precious Girl...Where has 11 years gone....

My boys.

My most PERFECT mothers Day Gift.
It has ALL 4 of my kids initials on it, with little angel feet on the end...

Gabe made me this...My favorite is where he wrote( never gave up)

....My baby boy made this at school, why can't I just FREEZE TIME...PLEASE!

My sweet girl made me this All by herself, I love it!
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  1. Your kids must really love you. I'm happy you had a good day and reflected on your kids. hugs-

  2. Your family is breathtakingly beautiful. I truly believe our living babies have a special bond with those in Heaven. Hugs!

  3. Beautiful post! And so true - for all of us moms!

  4. such sweet words and beautiful presents. you're a lucky mom and they are lucky kids :)

  5. Sorry about my slow commenting... only catching up now that I'm on bedrest. Such a beautiful post for a gorgeous mum... sounds like you had a lovely day. Love always xoxo


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