Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Little Star

My daughter had a very big weekend this last week. The two things she loves doing the most are dance and acting. She had her end of her dance recital on Saturday night, and our childrens chior at church had their end of year program on Sunday night. She was very excited because she had one of the main acting rolls in the play where she got to act like a spoiled little diva. I must say, she did amazing at both.

         It was so hard on my heart watching her get all dressed up for both events. For the dance show, she gets to get all dolled up with make up and everything. UGH, I felt like I watched my little girl grow up right in front of me. I did not like seeing her look so much older. It was also hard watching her act with the children's program because this is her last year with them. In august she will move up to the youth. I can't believe my baby girl will be in 6th grade, MIDDLE SCHOOL!

      This is the child who made me a mother. This is the child who made me grow up. This is the child that I can't imagine my life without. As crazy as she drives me sometimes, I am so proud of the young lady I know she is starting to become. I am nervous for her as she branches out and starts this new unknown adventure in her life, and I pray I am able to be the mother she needs. It is so hard to let go of the younger years and expand into these older and I am sure more challenging years, but I know God will hold my hand, and I will survive these pre-teen years!

So pretty!

I love that Smile!

The CRAZY backstage...

Ok...Little brother was holding her skirt and crawled up into the tree...

Her acting moment where she learned that it was not all about her,
but about GOD! :)

My two little stars....

 3 of my FAVORITE People!
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