Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Fun

Today was the BEST family fun I have had in a long time. We took our kids to a local skating rink in town ( I didn't even know we had one). At first the kids had a hard time learning this new and exciting activity, but then had a blast once they got the hang of it.

Now, I use to Rollerblade all the time when I was in high school, but forgot how much I loved doing it. I had so much fun, and got more exercise then I have gotten in a LONG time. :) I think the best part was watching my husband trying to skate circles around me and try new moves on his skates....TOO FUNNY! I had a BLAST! We all had a great family time.

Hours out with my family today made me see that this needs to be a new priority for 2011, Family Time. We seem to get so wrapped up in the  "busy" lifestyle we have and often forget to make time for the family moments that matter the most.

The picture is not the best because it was taken on my phone, but it is me and my favorite 3 kids in the WORLD....I am BLESSED!
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