Friday, January 21, 2011

Where’s Moms Time Out?

Can Mom PLEASE get a time out! I guess you could say it had been one of “those” days. I woke up way too early with a mild headache, and my guess is that set the mood for the day.
 All three of my children woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. My five year old was in the floor crying because he did not want to go to school. No one was pleased with their breakfast choices. By the time I got two of them on the bus, I felt like I had been up for hours. I’m not really sure what my third child was thinking when she decided to pull an attitude over her home school work shortly after this; not the day my friend!
 As the day progressed I would love to say things got better, but unfortunately I did not wake up in Disney World. I babysit two very precious babies, which I truly love, and thank goodness they were not giving me any trouble. We did however have one very large diaper explosion which my daughter thought she would bring the baby to me. Well, she then felt something wet on her arm and went CRAZY. She put the baby on the floor and started screaming. This in turn meant extra clean up for mom because the diaper explosion is now all over the floor…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Ok…..I get through this just to start making everyone’s lunch and I spill everything on the floor. We somehow make it to 4:00 and the boys walk in the door fighting, really???  I’M DONE!
I walk in to my bedroom and sit down on my bed thinking, “I really need a time out about now”.  My kids start knocking on my door trying to tell on one another for who knows what, and the tears just start falling.
I look up and of course make eye contact with the picture of Bethany Hope sitting right beside my bed.  I then think to myself how much harder this would all be if she were here, and how much I would give anything for that.
I instantly started to pray for God to forgive my awful attitude, because the truth is, all moms are going to have bad days.  No children are perfect and all children are going to test their boundaries at some point, but I would not trade these bad days or moments for anything. I just need a “Time Out”, to pull myself together and breath for a minute.
Walking away from the situation for a few minutes and spending some time in prayer was a great reminder for me that I love my children, I love my life, but I will have hard days. Sometimes we do need to just take five minutes for ourselves to allow God to give us a little help when we need it the most.
I came out of my room in a better mood and ready to handle my not so pleasant children.
Give yourself a “Time Out”, and reap the benefits of a few minutes in prayer.
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  1. amen! I hope your day today is much better ((hugs))

  2. What a picture of so many days for us moms - and what a great example of taking a time out with God and gaining some perspective! We ALL need that! Love ya!VC

  3. I hear you, I feel like I have less patience since Mikayla's death and it makes it harder on certain days to be patient with my 2 yo son. Stop by my blog, I gave you an award.

  4. Ok..I am back..I just wanted to let you know that I just recently gave you a Stylish Blogger Award on my blog. You have inspired me through your words to be a better mother to the two living children that I have!

  5. I so know the overwhelming days!! And a quiet moment is definitely the ticket to retaining sanity!!


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