Thursday, January 13, 2011

I would die for that

About a week after Bethany’s death, my husband and I were out running some errands; really I think I was just along for the ride. My husband pulled the car up and I ran into a store to grab 2 things I quickly needed. My intention was to get in and out as fast as possible and hopefully not run into anyone I knew. As I quietly waited in line, it was finally my turn and I did not even look up as my mind tried to process the words that the cashier had just spoken to me. She said, “Finally, someone who is not pregnant is coming through my line. I swear, every person that has been through my line all day was about to pop”! My eyes began to fill with tears as I tried to process what she was saying. All I could think to myself was, “I would die for that. I would love to go back 2 weeks ago and still feel my little girl alive inside of me”.  I practically ran from the store and got into the car as fast as possible and begged Brad to just go home. As I have recalled this moment in my mind over and over again, God has reminded me that all too often these situations happen in life. I didn’t know this cashier’s story, and she didn’t know mine. Maybe she can’t have children and having to see pregnant women angers her. Too often we are quick to snap or be hateful to others because of our own hurt or disappointment in our lives. Guard your mouths and be careful at who you vent your anger too. Remember, they just might have a story too.  I saw another mom from a forum post this video and thought it was SO perfect…..
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  1. Wow, isn't that so never know a person's story. I am so much more conscious of that after our daughter died. Thanks for the comment on my blog. =)

  2. Incredible video and lyrics. I remember the days and months after Lucas passed and how I couldn't stand to see pregnant women. Moreover, I was mostly jealous, and some days I still am, of their innocence. I would love to go back and be able to enjoy a pregnancy not thinking one second that there is a chance that I will see my baby grow old.

  3. So true, you never know what a person has been through or is currently goign through.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Amy. I'm sorry to meet you this way. We lost our daughters almost around the same time it seems. How are you doing?


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