Wednesday, January 26, 2011


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11
Life is unpredictable, and yet we live in a world that predicts life on a daily basis. We wake up every morning, and most people could tell you there daily schedule to the minute. We see people who rage in anger when someone cuts them off on the highway or bumps into them in the grocery store because this does not fit into their daily schedule.  
We predict that because we have made bad choices in life, our children will automatically follow in our footsteps.
We predict that when we go into work our mean boss will continue acting like a jerk.
We predict that we can have healthy pregnancies and actually bring those babies home….
The thing about predictions is that you are setting yourself up for failure. Now, I am not saying that all predictions can’t come true, but they are not our predictions to make.  God has already planned out our future, minute by minute, so why are we wasting time predicting every step we take? God has great plans for you; plans to give you hope and not to harm you. Even when hard times come your way; God has a plan.
What if we all started living life a little differently, without predictions? What if we woke up and just lived? What if, instead of knowing what every minute of our day consisted of, we simply lived every minute of our day by letting God lead us.
What if we stopped assuming others are going to act a certain way and take the higher road and be kind regardless? We live in a world full of anger, rage, and hurt; who’s going to stop the cycle?
I would love to predict that all women can have healthy pregnancies and bring those babies home in the end, but the truth is; stillbirth or baby loss can happen to anyone! There are no rules, and no one is exempt. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, famous or not, it can still happen to you. My point is….Enjoy every moment God gives you and never take one moment for granted. However much time God allows each of us to have with our children is moments we cannot get back, and are moments we must treasure.
For me; I got exactly 37 weeks with my sweet Bethany Hope.  My heart aches for more, but my God said,” this is plenty until you meet again”. I treasure the moments I was given, and I live life now without predicting my future. I treasure the blessings God has given me today and look forward to the life he has planned for me!
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  1. Such a sweet post and so true!

  2. How true that is..What a good way to put it too. I struggle with wanting to be in control of my life..I learned with Aubree that I have no control at all. I only listen to the Message on XM radio, and last week the song "Jesus Take the Wheel" came on twice when I was in the car..I have never heard it on the Message before being that it is a country song, but I heard the message loud and clear! I have learned to just live my life each and every day to the fullest!

  3. I appreciate that you point out that baby loss can happen to anyone. I had a friend that believes that nothing will happen in her in her pregnancy. (she's pregnant now, she said this well before.)I hate when people think they are above the world and that things won't happen to hem as though they are unique. I'm glad that even though these horrible things have happened to us as BLM's we can be realistic.

  4. It can definitely happen to anyone. Loss holds no prejudice.


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