Thursday, January 6, 2011

I will Rise, By Daddy!

Our church had prepared a lunch for us before Bethany’s funeral. On our way there we had to make a stop by the funeral home. The car ride that morning was like a cartoon where the deepest darkest cloud simply stayed over our car as we drove. We pulled into the funeral home on our way to church for Brad to drop off a beautiful canvas picture of Bethany Hope. I watched as my husband carried our daughter’s picture in and then walked out with tears rolling down his face. I watched him as he gently grabbed my hand and drove to the church with a silence I had never seen from him before. The last few days he had seemed so strong, or was I too hurt to notice his pain that I could so evidently see on his face this morning? The days following Bethany's death I was somewhat consumed into my own personal bubble that I had had not even noticed how this had truly impacted him. The Sunday morning Bethany was born, Brad was supposed to sing the song, I will Rise, in church with our pastor. Ever since her death this song holds a special place in our hearts…
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  1. Hope is not in vain, when your hope is in the Lord. Amy and Brad, I am so blessed to call you family and have you in my life. Every time I read your entries, you touch my heart. I love you, Anne

  2. Wow! We lost our son in February of 2010. He was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome in Novemember 2009. On the way home from the doctor that awful day, the radio was on and I could not tell you any song that played but this one. I can tell you exactly where we were on the road when I heard it and it just spoke to me! Your husband brought many tears to my eyes singing this song! It was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your sacred moments!


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