Friday, March 18, 2011

This is LIVING!

I must admit, today started out as one of those days where I thought the “business” of our evening was going to overwhelm me. The kid’s barley had two feet in the door from school, and I had their snack and my hand and the car started, we were out the door. Our puppy had a vet appointment, and then back to the house we went to gather everyone’s appropriate attire for their activity. As I was fixing Kayla’s hair, and trying to find a missing baseball sock, I realized that I forgot to lay something out for dinner; man, one of these days I will get this all together! Brad took Gabe to baseball, I dropped Brayson off at his baseball practice and off Kayla and I went to dance practice.
                After Kayla’s dance, we were driving to Gabe’s game. I debated not going since I had missed half of it already, but I knew I had to go see some of his very first game, so off to the fields we went. I knew Gabe was nervous about his game because he had  a few rough practices and had jammed his finger at his last practice. I was sitting in my car and praying that God would give him a peace and allow him to have a GREAT game.
                I pulled up just as his team was going on field for the last time. Brad said it was a good game, but close. When I got there the score was 13-8, and the other team scored two runs, and had two outs. The score is now 13-10 and all we need is 1 more out to win the game…Gabe is playing 2nd base, and I think I was WAY more nervous than he was! The next batter comes up, hits, and…..GABE CATCHES IT, OUT! WE WIN! I think my heart about jumped out of my skin. I started screaming and jumping up and down like a crazy women; I was proud! The coach ran over and picked Gabe up as the whole team started screaming his name. It was an amazing moment in his life. He received the game ball, and I do not think I have EVER seen my son shine the way I did tonight.
                We took Gabe out to eat for pizza and I think our whole family was on a complete high from our evening and it made me think; this is life. THIS is living. So often in life we worry about how busy our life is and we get upset about all the running around we have to do, but this is what life is about, this is what makes ALL the running around and shuffling I do completely worth it. I DO NOT claim to have it together. In fact, Gabe had on two different baseball socks, because we do live and we do lose things, but that’s OK! I will live my busy lifestyle any day of the week if I get to see my son’s face light up the way it did tonight, and my family as happy together as we were tonight. Thank you God for an AMAZING night. Thank you GOD for our busy schedule that gives our children the opportunity to accomplish their dreams, and me the ability to watch!
       I imagine if Christ feels the same I felt, watching my son beaming from ear to ear, when  we follow Him and choose to do what is right instead what is wrong. I picture Christ screaming, HALLELUJAH, and jumping up and down because he is SO proud, just the same way I did with Gabe. Too often we forget the Christ is our Father, and he is SO very proud when we choose to follow him and let him fight the battles in our hearts...

Remember, it’s not how busy your life is, it’s how much you choose to complain about it! Stop complaining and start LIVING!!!

The coach giving the infield a pep talk right before Gabe caught the ball.

Gabe's coach after He caught the ball.

Gabe's coach praising him. (Love this)

One PROUD Dad!

Gabe's favorite little t-ball brother.

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  1. What a special night! And an amazing perspective Amy - thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your photos... your boys look so happy :)) Thank you for your post - living more is so precious xoxo

  3. I love this post! Thanks for the reminders of not complaining and just start living!!

  4. This is a great post. I love the fact that you enjoyed yourself and saw what it feels like to smile and jump like a crazy women again. :)

  5. Go Gabe! And may I say I am also very proud to see Brayson in the pictures wearing STL Cardinals attire :)



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