Friday, October 28, 2011

Balancing Act

Let's just say that since I have starting working, I am learning that balancing many different things is a talent; smooth...not really, but I'm getting there!
This week has gone much better as far as getting up and out the door, meals prepared and laundry done. I could however feel my anxiety rising as I looked at our to do list this week. Brayson had his first ever school fundraiser, a fun run, which I had to help out with. He also had his Fall party which I was also planning and providing everything for. Kayla also had her very first school dance; oh my, is she really that big! I'm not ready for her to grow up this fast.... (And, don't forget our unexpected all night trip to the ER).

So, I took everything one day at a time, said a prayer, and we were off! I did work a half day on the day of the school fundraiser and the school party. I realized during both of these events how deeply God has blessed me. As I was running from one school, to my house, and then back to be with my child, and attempting to balancing it all, I stopped and thanked God. I thanked Him for providing me with a job that I can work when I want or need to, and yet I can still be a part of my kids school activities. I don't proclaim to have it all together; my husband can attest, but I am trying my best. I want my kids to look back and know that I was not a part of their life for "show" but because I really want to be.

Yes, I might have been up baking orange and black swirl cupcakes till 11:00 and putting 22 children's names on little orange bags just to "attempt" to pull off a great fall party, but the truth is; a just want to see the kids happy. I want to see my kids happy.
I might fall into bed so many nights WAY too late and wonder how I'm going to balance my day or week or wonder what went wrong with the previous day, but the best thing ever is this:

Staying up late baking cupcakes, cookies or anything my kids might need is so worth the no sleep when I hear, thanks mom, I'm so glad you did that or you were there! I'm not sure I will ever 100% figure out how to balance everything, but right now I feel blessed that God is giving me the chance to try.

Brayson and his friend at the Fun Run! This was a BLAST. They had music playing while they kids ran their laps...they had dancing was just a blast! I'm so proud of him, he did great.

Well, Brayson's Fall Party came together. All the kids got so excited when they walked in the room from recess...they started smiling and that made my day!

Brayson decorating his fall goodie bag!

Kayla and her friend all ready for their first school dance. It was a costume dance. I really can't believe that I just dropped my baby girl off at her first dance. WHERE has the time gone!

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