Saturday, October 29, 2011


"So that by God's will I may subsequently come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company." Romans 15:32

I love the smell and feel of a clean house.

The window is open and the brisk cool breeze is saturating the entire room. The candles are lit and the smell is circulating throughout the house. I sit back soaking in the joy of my freshly cleaned house as I sit cuddled up in a blanket. I feel the breeze sweep across my face and I can't help but feel a peace.

I started my afternoon of cleaning toilets, scrubbing the refrigerator, vacuuming and mopping, with somewhat of a hurry up and get it done attitude. I love a clean house, and I also knew that I would really love to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon, without cleaning, but I don't really like to clean!

After every bathroom or project I would clean I would feel so refreshed and good! I felt a calm and peace as if I was really doing something for my family. My hurry up attitude began to slow down and it simply felt nice to accomplish a new project.

So often I forget how blessed I am to have a home to clean and a family to clean for. I know all too well how fragile this life that God has given us really is, and yet I still often forget to absorb every precious moment.

As I sit soaking in the refreshing felling of my home, I can't help but to be refreshed by God's love for me. I feel the breeze wrap around me as if Christ were reminding that he is always here. So many days I question His motives for my life and I feel as though I am running this race alone. The breeze reminds me that I might not always see Him or feel Him, but He is always there. He is waiting to lead me and guide me into the next step or phase of my life.

Like a leave floating in the wind, I never know where I might land or what may be next, but I know that God is leading my every  move no matter what direction my life my go.

Just as refreshing as a clean house may be, I  am even more refreshed by the power of Christ.
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  1. Love having a freshly cleaned house too... worth the effort :) Love to you always xoxo


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