Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why oh Why, Girls?

Oh boy! Here we go again! You know how it goes. The daily tug of war....

The tug of war with THAT pair of pants. The pair of pants you seem to use as your personnel weight scale. You know what I mean. The pair of pants that you can always tell; if they are a little too tight, well then you have gained weight. If they are a little loose, then you must have lost weight.

Well, mine are tight! YEP...I have gained weight. Does this bother me? Now, there is a loaded question to ask a woman. At first, yes....what woman really wants to put on weight. And then I came back to my senses and remembered that I was way too small for a long time and I needed to gain weight, so I was ok with the weight I had gained. I was still eating healthy, for the most part, and exercising, so I knew I was gaining healthy weight.

As I begin my daily chores of folding laundry that day, I began to wonder why it had even bothered me at first. WHY oh WHY do we as women do this? Why do we let something like weight literally weigh so heavy on how we feel about ourselves? God created us in HIS image. He created each and every one of us perfectly the way He wanted us to be....

Now, can we abuse that? Absolutely. I think we need to live a healthy lifestyle, but I think we are also abusing it when we can't be happy with who we are. Our body is the temple of Christ and we are to treat it that way, always. Take care of it, not abuse it.

I wish we did not live in a society that puts so much pressure on the way a person looks. I worry about my daughter all the time. I pray that I can raise her to be a confident young lady in herself and in her body. Loving who God made her and not what the world says she should be.

My husband has always told me that the most beautiful thing about a women has nothing to do with her looks, but yet her confidence in the way she carries herself. It made me think. Has your husband ever told you to leave or (put back on your clothes....)NO, he loves you for YOU. Just the way Christ loves us for us, just the way HE made us.

Why can't we as women learn to love ourselves the way our husband's do. The way Christ does? Why can't we learn to stop sizing ourselves up every chance we get?

I am not going to pretend that I understand the deep struggle weight can really be with so many women, because I don't. I know that it often takes daily commitment and daily prayer to stay on track and to not worry about your weight. But, I do understand struggle.  I do know that no matter what the struggle is in your life, Christ is there.

I do know that we are raising a new generation of children in a society that is more mindful of weight then every before. I know that I need help and daily prayer to make sure I raise confident children.

I also know that Christ cares about every detail of our life; even our weight!
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  1. What a beautiful, necessary reminder!

  2. I needed to read this today. I had a similar conversation with my mom this morning.

    I love reading your blog. You always seem to have perfect timing :)


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