Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time for Crime?!?!

"Your fingerprints have been......D.E.N.I.E.D.

"Um, what crime have I committed?" I said, as my palms started to slightly sweat and my mind was racing with questions.

 I did leave Kroger with a can of evaporated milk last week still in my buggy, not the bag. My daughter so sweetly reminds me that we did not pay for it. I KNOW.....I can see it is in the buggy and not a bag, ugh! " are going to go in and pay for mom; right?" Well, considering we were already about 20 minutes late, and the boys were home alone from the bus stop, no. I did however take it back with me days later and pay for it....but now I felt like that stinking can of milk was coming back to haunt me.

"No, ma'am. Your just weak."

What?!?! I was more than confused at this point.

"Your fingerprints. They are too weak to read." Is it possible I have dipped my hand into one too many boiling pots of water?!?!

Seriously? I have never heard of such a thing. I finally get everything in order and take the class I need to become a substitute teacher, and my fingerprints are denied. This must be a joke! So, I head back up to the school board to see  the Diva of all people, and seriously, that is what this lady calls herself.

It took her forever to get my fingerprints. Maybe this is just another sign that I am ancient old, but everything is digital now. Last time I had fingerprints done it was with an old fashion ink pad and paper. NO, now they scan your finger into a computer. Every time I would roll my finger gently, like you are supposed  to, it was too light. If I would press too hard then it would smudge and be too dark....ugh!

She finally got some she thinks will be approved by the, we will see.

Who knows, if subbing doesn't work out, maybe I should take to a life of crime. I mean, they can't read my fingerprints anyways......Well, maybe that is not God's plan, but He sure is teaching me patience, and I never prayed for patience! LOL
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  1. :-) Funny!

    Remembering our angels tonight.


  2. LOL! You are awesome. We had someone try to break into our house last year (it was terrifying--but that's another story). Anyway, a detective took some fingerprints from the door and when they came back, all of the fingerprints were mine. I wish they could have found who it was, but at least now I know would be a horrible criminal. :)


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