Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tasty Tuesday Treat

OH MY.....This is a Yummy Fall Treat!

-1 box Spice cake mix
-1 can 15 oz pumpkin
-2 eggs
-1/4 cup water

-1/2 bag white chocolate chip morsels
-8 oz cream cheese(room temperature)
-2 tsp. vanilla
-1/2 cup unsalted butter(room temperature)
-1 cup powder sugar

Mix all ingredients together and bake your cupcakes. I made mini cupcakes just for fun.

For icing: Melt white chocolate. (I melt in microwave). Let cool for about a minute and then mix in all other ingredients and blend till smooth. You will need an icing bag to put your icing on your cupcakes.

Top your cupcakes with your icing.

These are so GOOD....and the perfect fall treat!

Finished product.

I had some help baking.

...and icing.

oh, and tasting!

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  1. I just bought some spice cake mix today LOL! I'm going to try this. :0)

  2. oh my! this sounds super yum. thanks for posting :)


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