Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snap.. Crackle... POP!


His little heart was racing, his body tight as could be, sweat and tears pouring from his face, and trembling all over.

He anxiously observed as nurse after nurse came into his room to look at his arm. Crying out in pain, he was practically begging the Lord to make it feel better.

They realized rather quickly that the chances it was broke were rather high; so, an IV was going in.

Two very sweet nurses were assigned to take care of Gabe. They began to clean his arm and into panic mode he went!

"That needle is HUGE....Is that going in MY arm?"

"Yes, but it won't hurt."

"It might not hurt you, but that IS going to hurt me." 

The needle was in faster than Gabe could blink.

"What's that? It burns. I don't like it!"

"Do you mean, it's cold? That is just the fluid going through your vein. Does it taste funny?"

"No, I can't taste it, but my mouth is really dry, aww...and there is a booger on my arm!" NICE. My face is now about fifty shades of red and the nurses are cracking up! I swear, even in pain this child is ALL boy!

Finally, the nurse gives Gabe some morphine through his IV....can we say; HAPPY CHILD! Well, he was at least able to lay still while they did his x-rays.

The x-rays revealed two clean breaks all the way through his bone...OUCH! The doctor on call might not have been the best with children because Gabe happened to hear him as he walked up to the door to tell me what was in store next.

Using hand gestures he says..."The bone doctor will pull it and snap it right back into place!"

SAY WAHT?!?!?! Gabe's face turned about fifty shades of red as he instantly put me on trial.

"What are they going to do? Am I going to feel that? How are they going to do that? They ARE going to hurt me NOW."

We were told they were going to put Gabe to sleep for the procedure....PRAISE GOD!  They began to roll in all these machines. Heart monitor, portable x-ray, cast machine; It looked scary.

One new nurse walked in and Gabe said, "What are YOU doing in HERE???" "UM, I'm just getting a wipe for my phone." Gabe replied, "Oh, ok."

Poor kids was paranoid. I felt so bad for him. I watched as his eyes went back in forth examining everything and everyone so carefully.   I then went on to tell him how brave he was acting. His response to that, "I'm not brave, I'm scared to death!" Honesty! I just love that kid. I kissed his head and had to leave.

Brad and I stood outside his door, waiting, and waiting some more. I then heard a blood curling scream and I thought my body was going to dive into the room. Something was wrong, I just knew it was. We later found out that our tough little boy didn't want to miss a beat! Apparently, he is the first child to NOT fall asleep under anesthesia....yep! Right as the doctor popped his bones back inline together, he said, "I'M NOT ASLEEP...AHHHHHHHHHHH." He told us he felt and heard a loud CRUNCH! They instantly gave him more morphine to try and take the pain away. Poor Kid!

While Brad and I were in the hall way waiting, and I was rather upset, there was a very elderly lady on a bed in the hall. Every minute she would cry out, help me Lord or I need you Jesus. While this was rather comical and quite loud, it also made me think. She was obviously not quite all there and yet she was still crying out to Jesus. No matter how far gone her mental state or health may be, no one could take Jesus from her. In the worst moments of our life, no one can take Jesus from us.

The whole way to the hospital, my sweet boy cried for God to take away his pain and to help him. I believe that God answered his prayer. Gabe did not have to have surgery and is blessed that a cast will heal his bone.

So often, we feel like we are truly dying in the midst of pain, and yet we forget to stop and count our blessings. We forget that no matter how bad or painful what we are going through may be, God is always with us and guiding us, and no one can take that from us!

Praise God my sweet boy is ok, and Praise God He is always there!
Who knows, Gabe might think twice before jumping off a rock wall on a play ground again; or maybe not! :)

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  1. Poor baby! Poor mama! Cooper broke or rather fractured his arm last week also! Boys!!! Take that sweet boy for some ice-cream and love, love, love on him! Praying for you guys!

  2. Alice had two broken bones in her arm in July! You feel so awful, and want to protect them.

  3. Ouch... so brave to have gone through this :( Must have been a nightmare for you too xoxo

  4. Poor Guy! Glad to hear it has turned out okay. We have been blessed so far to not have any broken bones.


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