Friday, November 4, 2011

The Battle

His armor was ready, and he stood strong. His eye glared from his mask as his hands gripped tightly around his sword.

The battle was on.

 Swords tossed here and there.

Flips and laughter galore; and even some frustration.

It was ninja training, and let me tell you, there was some major training going on! Brayson had just got has Halloween costume and could not be more excited. Daddy told him that to be a real ninja he must master special ninja "moves". Secretly, the mommy in me always gets a little nervous when "plastic" swords are being thrown and he is flipping all over the living room, but I saw his cute little dimples shinning threw his ninja mask, and I had to smile in delight!

As I tucked in my little warrior....I told him I was so proud of his strength and ability. I told him he was a tough ninja.

He went on to tell me that ninjas were tough because they drank their milk....oh really....I pondered.

He then said that they had to follow rules from the rule book. I asked him where exactly he got this rule book, and so carefully and sweetly replied, "The library mommy!" Well, of course; why didn't I think of that!

He also went on to show his battle scar. A little scratch he had gotten on his leg, and I am not even sure he had skipped a beat for.

I kissed him gently and walked away.  I think I could still see him smiling in his sleep....

I can still picture Brayson gearing up for battle. He so carefully put all of his armor and shields on. He really wanted to prepare himself and be ready, and yet there was still that scar; that battle scar.

I think of the battle we each face so often in our own life. Pick your battle; we all have them. Parenting, loss, weight, alcohol, job, family, etc.... How often do we put every barricade possible up and yet we are still scared and wounded.  

As Christians, we have the best possible armor anyone could ask for, we have Christ. We have our rule book. Christ  is the armor we put on daily before we face any battle in our life. Even the daily battle called life. And even with Christ as our armor, we may still have some very deep internal battle scars from whatever it is we are fighting, but the great thing about this battle is this: we don't have to heal along.

Christ is not only there to be our armor throughout the battle but is our guide and our healer throughout the ends of the earth.

I think back to Brayson smiling at the end of the night, and I wonder how many of us can smile throughout battle. I wonder if we were to give the lead back to Christ and truly let him heal our battle scars if we too might come out victorious!
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  1. This is such a powerful post! Thank you for sharing this today :)


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