Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Little Man

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My heart was pounding as silence filled the entire room. I felt as though the world was standing still. My husband was silent as I questioned what was going on. I saw as they pulled his body up and he was blue all over and lifeless. My heart stood still in time.

They quickly took him over to a bed, and within minutes I heard the most beautiful cry in the world. The cord was wrapped around his tiny little neck two times and his whole body was quickly losing oxygen.

They placed my sweet Brayson in my arms and he stopped crying. He was perfect.

At 3 days old, my husband picked us up from the hospital, pilled us in a packed car; a VERY packed car, and we were on the road to New York. I still can't believe that I traveled all the way from Georgia to New York 3 days after giving birth....I think I cried the first half of the trip!

I guess I should have know that after the way Brayson's life started, he was going to be adventurous. He has always had a special spark in his eye where you always think he must be up to something.

He is a risk taker and would climb the highest mountain if given the chance. He loves with all of his heart. At age 6, he still gives the best hugs and kisses, and still says his parents are his best friends.

The world is his playground and he is always about five steps ahead....he never stops.

He is loving, kind, and a leader to others. He is independent and strong.

He adds so much life to our family and I could not imagine my life without him.

I am so very thankful for my Brayson Michael...
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  1. Such a beautiful post about your little man :) xoxo

  2. He is an adorable boy! Can't believe that you traveled 3 days after having him, wow!!


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