Monday, November 14, 2011

Letting Go

Her insides are bursting to be set free. Independence and freedom are practically calling Her name.

I can still remember taking her to daycare at the age of 2. She was the only child who quietly went in, sat down, and waved good-bye to mom without a single tear. She has been spunky and independent since the day she was born.  She has a sense of freedom and energy millions would  love to have.

I'm still trying to wrap my hand around the fact that my sweet little girl is not little anymore. Every day she is growing into a vibrant and beautiful young lady. She gets dressed on her own, fixes her hair, and her own breakfast.

This weekend she had another really big "first" in her life. She went away for the whole weekend on a youth middle school trip; without mom! She was excited....I was, well, a little nervous.

I have never seen her so excited. We packed her bags; actually, she had them packed by the time I got up stairs. We went through her check list and made sure she had everything she needed. She had snacks, a camera, money, and she was ready to go! I have never seen her this free....she was practically jumping out of the car.

It was so strange, and strangely quiet, all weekend without her here. I ask my husband at one point if he thought she was ok. I think I knew in my heart that she was more than ok.  I began to question everything  we have ever taught her. Will she use manners? Will she be kind? Can she pack and remember to get everything?

It was at that point that I could feel Christ reminding me; He is still there. He is guiding her and leading her even when I can't.

I was so excited to here all about her trip and how much fun she had. As I was telling her good night she ask me a question. She told me that her youth ministers wife was talking to them about having a quiet time with God and how important that really was. She ask me if I thought she should do that in the mornings and then listen to Christian music.... my heart leaped! I was excited that not only did she enjoy her weekend, but God really was working on her heart. He is molding her and shaping her into the young lady He wants her to be.

I am learning to let go a little more every day. As hard as it is to let her grow up, I'm also learning that Christ is growing with her, and I have nothing to fear.

My Sweet "Young Lady"

Her and One of her Best friends....I'm So glad they got to go together!!!

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