Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Talent Show

Kayla, Payton, Anna

My best friend has a saying, Practice Makes Progress, and I have somewhat adopted the saying with my own kids; manly because I think it's genius! I love that my kids are active and involved and I want them to be humble and grow in what every they decide to try. Their talent is a gift that comes from God and I want them to never forget that they are blessed and must always work hard and practice hard. With diligence and patience comes hard work and great progress.

My daughter loves to dance. She has been taking dance for almost three years now. Every year I can see so much growth and progress in her ability as a young dancer. A few weeks ago, she came home from school very excited about the school talent show. She wanted to audition with two of her friends. They wanted to perform a dance, but had no clue where to even start. Only 20 "acts" were allowed into the talent show from the whole middle school, and you had to audition to even make it in.

I have to admit, I was a little excited to start working with the girls. I have not put my dancing skills to work in....well, a long time! So, I made them some outfits, taught them a dance, and they tried out!

And...................THEY GOT IN!  Let me just say, those were three very excited girls.

Last night was the talent show, and I could not have been more proud. They have worked so hard for weeks. They have practiced and worked off their nerves to perform in front of their peers. At the end of the show, everyone was a little shocked to discover that no one all! It was only a show. Even if there was no winner, I was still proud that they made it in the show and worked as hard as they did!

GOOD JOB GIRLS! OH, and, the guy running music messed the girls music up at the end. He started the next girls music right at the end, so when you see the girls stop and look around, and weird music start, that is why...ugh!

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